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The perfect tool for improving training, engagement, and innovation in the workplace.

Innovative Feedback

Our platform is built around a powerful polling system that aims to increase the amount of fluid communication in an organization and reduce typical hierarchical feedback barriers. This system sees a response rate increase of 21.5% compared to other engagement platforms.

  • Deploy custom polls or our researched templates that provide intriguing insights
  • Automate & schedule the posting of polls. So you can sit back and relax
  • Watch polls populate on a wonderfully accessible feed that generates real-time feedback
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In-Depth Analysis

Data is meaningless without organization and analytics, so we developed a quick and easy method for examining those results. Through our unique snapshot and timeline graph sets, you can quickly view trends and identify problems before they arise.

  • Line & bar graphs
  • Safeguarded response anonymity
  • Departmental sorting & segmentation
  • Anonymous suggestions & comments
  • Treat the results as transformative or informative data
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Intuitive Design

One of's main goals was to give users an experience that required no training or preparation (However that's still available). As a result, we created one of the most powerful, yet simple softwares on the market.

So we carefully designed every screen on our online and mobile app to make it as easy as possible for employees to participate. An experience paralleled by none.

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Complete Customization

Our end goal at is to make our software an extension of your organization. We want to seamlessly mesh with the organizational structure of your company. That's why we made everything extremely customizable.

  • Emulate your departments
  • Assign position titles
  • Customize the theme
  • Add a company logo
  • Customize polls
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Total Support

In addition to the beautiful graphs and charts that our software provides, we want to ensure that all our users have access to any extra support they may need. This is why users can contact the team at any time for additional analytic support.

Using professional research resources and artificial intelligence powered by IBM Watson, our team will take your data and explore it further in order to offer you suggestions for workplace improvement.

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All Our Robust Features

Toggle employee anonymity with polls
Utilize posting automation to make life easier
View results on beautiful graphical displays
Utilize suggestions & anonymous comments
Create a new custom poll straight from scratch
Segment employees into different departments
Examine individual inputs from free response polls
Use our templates to start polling immediately
Customize with company colors and logos
Use our mobile app to get higher response rates.
Track data over time to measure your adjustments
Announcements for posting all the latest news
Email/push notifications so you never miss a poll
Get immediate support through an in-app chatbot
Gain access to an archieve full of different use cases
Feel safe with high-grade data encryption was built with advanced native tech
Use shortcuts to help you navigate

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